“I have been coming to Annie’s for 13 years. I’ve been working at Annie’s for 12 years. Coming as a consumer was a good thing for me, it got me out of the apartment and meeting new people. Then getting a job at Annie’s made me feel better about myself. Now I am working towards being a peer support specialist and improving my overall well-being.”

ClarettaHospitality/Peer Support Specialist

“I started my Recovery with No Limits about 16 years ago. This place has inspired me to be a better person. I love the atmosphere and what we stand for.”


“Annie’s Outreach Center is for anyone who might need peer support, both mentally as well as emotionally. Plus, it is run by consumers for consumer. That’s a major blessing to me and truly has helped me in my own personal recovery. I love Annie’s Outreach Center so much that I was a Volunteer Receptionist.”


“I started coming to No Limits in 2011 when I had mental health it has helped me a lot. People here are like family and they care about you. They call you when you are sick and they check on you. I have been here for 8 years. I love it.”


“Working for an affiliated company, Safe Harbor took me in as a person, not as an employee or staff. Rather, it was instant family for me, one that I never really had before in my life. This was a new chapter in my own recovery story that was unexpected but so very appreciated. Four years later, I am now happily employed with Safe Harbor and cannot imagine continuing my story anywhere else! There have been many bumps in my road, but peer support has been constant. I’m so grateful for my “family” to having them along for the ride!“

Chelsea Programs Manager/Peer Support Specialist

“I love being able to hang out with people. Since I don’t drive, they will come and get you. Plus, I like the outings.”


“Annie’s is a special outlet to visit friends with a comfortable atmosphere.”


“I like the parties there, like the Valentine’s Day Party or Easter Party. If someone really needed something, I would recommend Safe Harbor.”


“I like to learn new things that are offered at Annie’s, including to help my boredom. The crafts and friends make it worth going. I also like the information about community events.”


“In my time working for Safe Harbor I have grown to love my job and enjoy coming into work every day. The centers both provide a safe, warm, welcoming environment for people to come to take part in groups, have a meal and spend time with friends and peers. Safe Harbor is truly a family that supports each other and a caring environment to be a part of.”

MelissaRecovery Center Coordinator

“No Limits has really helped me with my depression. I am less depressed when I come in.  I love spending time with my friends. No Limits is very important to me. I am very happy that it looks so nice now.”


“I like visiting with friends; Annie’s is great!“