Our Team

Administrative Staff

Angi Lee, Executive Director alee@shpss.org

Marilyn Hartsock, Fiscal/Operations Manager shoffice@shpss.org

Melissa Bartlett, Recovery Center Coordinator, Annie’s Outreach mbartlett@shpss.org

Loretta Martin, Recovery Center Coordinator, No Limits Outreach lmartin@shpss.org

Chelsea Pine, Activities/Program Manager cpine@shpss.org

Board of Trustees

In keeping with our desire to be a peer-driven organization, the majority of positions on our Board are held by persons we serve.  While often times in relevant literature the persons we serve are called consumers, we prefer to call them peers.  Having a majority of peers on the Board helps us meet their needs in the most effective way.  It also encourages peer involvement in major organizational decisions building confidence and self-esteem which, in turn, aids in recovery.

Aakash Parikh, President and Peer

Mike Watchler, Vice-President and Peer

Sharlee Murphy, Treasurer   

Martha Foust, Peer    

Nancy Larson

Pam Stout, Peer

Becky Dodge, Peer