30 Day Writing Challenge

No journal needed! Scrap paper would work too. Take one writing prompt a day and sit down and write. Writing helps get all the excess thoughts out of your mind, reduces stress and leads to better sleep. Even without these prompts journaling is a great hobby to have. Write in your journal nightly, talk about your day, your goals/wishes/dreams. Putting thoughts onto paper is a great way to clear your mind.

NAMI Connections Group Update

Attention: Nami has converted their Monday 3:00 NAMI Connection Recovery Group normally held at Annie’s to an online format. Starting Monday, April 20, at 3:00 pm people from Annie’s and No Limits can connect at this link https://namiofdel-mor.org/onlinesupportgroups/

Staying Connected/WiFi

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has started the Keep Americans Connected Initiative https://www.fcc.gov/keep-americans-connected to ensure that Americans have reliable access to the online and phone resources they need to be able to stay at home. More than 650 companies have signed the Pledge to date. This means that for 60 days, these companies pledge to not terminate residential or small business services due to non-payment, to waive late fees, and to open Wi-Fi hotspots to anyone who needs them. In addition to signing the pledge, many telecom companies have adopted temporary COVID-19 policies and are offering free or reduced services and increased data usage limits during the coronavirus pandemic. For the most up-to-date information on these policies, click the links below for the following providers:

Century Link: Suspended data usage limits, offering increased broadband speeds. https://news.centurylink.com/covid-19

Cincinnati Bell: Providing free speed upgrades. https://www.cincinnatibell.com/speci…/coronavirus/prevention

AT&T: Two months of free service, and waiving data usage overage fees. https://www.att.com/shop/internet/access/index.html…

Verizon: Automatically adding hotspot data for customers. https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/covid-19-faqs/

Consolidated Communications: Two months of free home internet to low-income families. https://www.consolidated.com/sup…/alerts/coronavirus-updates

Windstream Ohio, Inc./Kinetic: Discounts to any new Kinetic Internet customer who is qualified for Lifeline benefits. https://www.windstream.com/…/wi…/lifeline-assistance-program


Even though we need to physically distance from each other, we still need to connect and support one another.  NAMI has moved to online support groups for the month of April.  You can connect to one of these groups by clicking on this link:  https://namiofdel-mor.org/onlinesupportgroups/.  Here is their schedule for the month:

Thursday, April 2, Family Support, 10:00 am
Thursday, April 2, FaithNet Family Support, St. John Neumann group, 6:30 pm
Monday, April 6, FaithNet Family Support, Heritage Christian Church group, 6:30 pm
Tuesday, April 14, Family Support,  6:30 pm
Thursday, April 16, Family Support, 10:00 am
Monday, April 20, FaithNet Family Support, Heritage Christian Church group, 6:30 pm
Tuesday, April 28, FaithNet Family Support, Westerville Christian Church, 6:30 pm
Tuesday, April 28, Family Support, 6:30 pm

Monday, April 6, FaithNet Connection Recovery Support, Heritage Christian Church group, 6:30 pm
Thursday, April 9, Connection Recovery Support, 6:30 pm
Monday, April 20, FaithNet Connection Recovery Support, Heritage Christian Church group, 6:30 pm
Thursday, April 23, Connection Recovery Support, 6:30 pm

 FAMILY AND FRIENDS PRESENTATION  – connect at:  https://namiofdel-mor.org/  
Wednesday, April 1, Family and Friends, 6:30 pm.  

NAMI Family & Friends is a free 90-minute presentation that informs people who have loved ones with a mental health condition how to best support them. It’s also an opportunity to meet other people in similar situations and gain community support.

What You’ll Learn
The seminar is led by trained people with lived experience of supporting a family member with a mental health condition. They will walk you through the following topics.

Understanding diagnoses, treatment and recovery
Effective communication strategies
The importance of self-care
Crisis preparation strategies
NAMI and community resources