If you are recovering from a
mental illness, we will be
there for you.
We have a place where
you can come, feel
welcome, safe and

About Us

The mission of Safe Harbor Peer Support Services is to provide a welcoming, physically and emotionally safe environment, where Delaware and Morrow County adults with mental illness can receive peer support, socialization, education and opportunities to work on their mental health recovery…READ MORE

The Two Centers

Annie’s Outreach Center is located in Delaware, Ohio, in the administration building of a former hotel…READ MORE

No Limits Outreach Center is located in Edison, Ohio, a small village immediately west of Mount Gilead….READ MORE

Get Involved

If you are looking for support with your recovery, we will be there for you.  To become involved, all you have to do is show up.  Of course, it would be good if you if would let us know you are coming so we can give you a warm welcome.  Once you come to one of our centers, you can be as active as you want to be…READ MORE

The Two Centers

Annie’s Outreach Center is located in Delaware, Ohio.  Nearby are a drugstore, fast food, a food pantry and a small strip mall.  There is a core group of peers who are at Annie’s consistently and additional persons who dip in and out around their work schedules.
No Limits Outreach Center is located in Edison, Ohio.  It occupies a former Consolidated Cooperative  service building which is now owned by the Delaware-Morrow Mental Health and Recovery Services Board.  No Limits location is more isolated than Annie’s and there are no nearby conveniences.  As a result, persons who come to No Limits tend to stay for the entire day.


Our Partners

Thank you to our community partners for your donations!

About Us

We believe in the power and effectiveness of peer support.  We believe that persons who have lived with mental illness are both credible and effective agents for helping others with similar problems.  So, when you come to Annie’s or No Limits, you will find persons who will welcome you and understand your struggles because they have been there as well.  We believe you have a right to be treated with respect and dignity and you have a right to have your thoughts and opinions heard.

Peers’ Bill of Rights

  • We have the right to determine our own quality of life.

  • We have the right to be treated with respect and dignity.

  • We have the right to be an important part of our recovery team.

  • We have the right to have our thoughts, opinions, and wishes heard.

  • We have the right to direct and control our personal growth and recovery.

  • We have the right to determine how to live our lives, and what is best for us.

  • We have the right to reasonable accommodations because of our personal challenges.


“I have been with Annie’s since the beginning.  I helped get it started.  I am employed at Annie’s as an Office Assistant, a job I enjoy.   I like playing Bingo here, participating in the groups, and I really enjoy the outings.  This is a place that helps you get into recovery.”

JoAnnAnnie’s Outreach

“I love coming to No Limits.  It gets me out of the house.  I would be miserable if I couldn’t come here.  The people here are my family.  And the people here really know what it is all about.  That is why we have the food pantry and the Christmas Giveaway.  It is always better to give to others who are worse off.  I also like our groups so I can help other people.”

MikeNo Limit’s Outreach

“Coming here gives me a chance to give back.  It is an opportunity to do something purposeful.  I enjoy talking with people and I like to help my peers solve problems.  I am good at securing information and resources for others.  A lot of times it is like solving a puzzle and the puzzle is how do I find resources and help for someone else who also comes here.  Being a friend to everyone is important to me.”

RobinAnnie’s Outreach

“No Limits has been part of my life and my livelihood for 15 years.  I really like to watch the growth of people in recovery.  When you come here, you have a chance to recover from what you used to be.  I have been doing public speaking and representing No Limits for 10 years.  I am glad people have confidence in me to represent the good things we do here.  I am also self-disclosing of my past to help others.  That helps me as well.”

JoeNo Limit’s Outreach